SSE Scholars and Fellows

SSE Scholars

This is awarded to undergraduate students for applying engineering techniques to problems in the service industry.


  • Janna Al Nabhani
  • Nikita Ankem
  • Catherine Bahner
  • Vikas Dachepalli
  • Kristen Donmoyer
  • Kelly Gagnon
  • Alfred Galeno
  • Achal Goel
  • Athul Gopalakrishna
  • Ellen Graszl
  • Xiao He
  • Matthew Hoffman
  • Arti Patel
  • Vignesh Ramanathan
  • Vidhi Raul
  • Steven Richards
  • Abann Sunny

SSE Fellows

This is a selective award which is given to graduate students based on their research achievements to encourage them to apply their research strengths to problems pertaining to service industry. SSE fellows develop research and teaching products pertaining to service enterprises and serve as mentors to graduate and undergraduate students.


  • Rakshith Badarinath
  • Seongwook Hwang
  • Yuncheol Kang
  • Jinkun Lee
  • Jingwen (Jess) Li
  • Chintan Patil
  • Suchitra Rajendram
  • Sharan Srinivas
  • Kaiwen Tien
  • Barbara Venegas



SSS encompasses the study, design, and implementation of new systems that improve the processes and efficiencies of the service sector. With origins dating back to 2003, our mission is to contribute to engineering the 21st century economy. As 80% of our country’s economy falls in the service sector, it is vital to expose students to the abundance of engineering opportunities in these labor-intensive industries.

Service Systems Engineering

The Pennsylvania State University

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